I'm living on shattered faith

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Actor | Movie Lover | Singer | Songwriter | Work-out Fiend

I recently starred in two horror films:
CRAWL OR DIEϟ www.crawlordietrilogy.comSCREEN ϟ www.screen-movie.com
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You don’t really understand Star Trek until you’ve seen Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest is the best of all the Star Trek movies.

(via howling-at-the-stars)


Ugg I don’t know! I do like Vince Vaughn, but Colin couldn’t act his way out of a bag! And if season 2 is anything like season 1 - it’s a heavy character driven ACTING show. I heard names like Jessica Chastain and my hopes got so high. I guess we’ll see. I’ll definitely watch it and give it a chance because I loved season 1 so much. You? @alucard420